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How do I describe myself? I am a combination of shy and rebel/instigator. Am loyal to people and things I believe in. I have a good sense of humor, and am an anglophile. I like movies, watching Orioles baseball, firefighting, cold weather, playing with new technology, studying monarchical and westminster forms of government (specifically reserve powers), travelling to San Francisco, reading, spending $2 bills and 50 cent pieces to freak people out, politics, travel, Coca-Cola, using British English spelling, sushi, and my Ford Mustang. I just got a good camera and am trying to learn how to take good pictures. Oh, and I am gay.
$1 coins, $2 bills, absolute monarchies, anglophile, area codes, at&t, australia, baltimore orioles, baseball, baseball caps, bell system, bodeans, british english, british english spelling, british monarchy, calvin & hobbes, carnegie mellon university, cell phone, chocolate, cingular, coca-cola, coke, coke zero, cold weather, common law, computers, constitutional law, constitutional monarchies, directory assistance, dns, electronics, emergency alert system, emergency broadcast system, english, english law, feudalism, financial times, fire engines, fire police, fire trucks, firefighters, firefighting, firemen, gay, gay pittsburgh, gay sex, gaygeeks, geeks, ghirardelli's, google, gsm, guys, hawaii five-0, homosexual, homosexuality, house of lords, house of peers, ice, impeachment, internet, ipod, judge judy, liliuokalani, linux, lord chancellor, mac, mayor luke, mobile phone, monarchies, mont blanc, montblanc, new zealand, nokia, numbering plans, numbers, one dollar coins, orioles, paper tape, parliamentarians, parliamentary law, parliamentary procedure, peerage, phone equipment, phones, pitt, pittsburgh, privy council, punch cards, queen elizabeth, queen liliuokalani, queer as folk, queers, radio, railroads, republicans, reserve powers, robert's rules of order, royalty, rules of procedure, sacagawea dollars, san francisco, science, sex, snow, strict constructionism, strict constructionist, supreme court, susan b anthony dollars, sushi, technologist, technology, telephones, telephony, tivo, trains, two dollar bills, united kingdom, university of pittsburgh, unix, usairways, western electric, wil wheaton